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Shanghai Yuyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd 

Xiao Hui: 138-1868-2691 / 177-6516-2691
Tel: 021-60529945  Q Q: 181464320
E-mail: 17765162691@163.com
Website: www.ycttkc.com
Address: No. 1558, Luo Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

Shanghai Yuyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in wood production and processing, timber trade, and other related business enterprises. Indonesia pineapple grid manufacturers involved in industrial products such as preservative wood, wood flooring, wood processing. Indonesia Bachu wood manufacturers products: Indonesia pineapple grid, African pineapple grid, Malaysia pineapple grid, Baro wood, mountain camphor wood, eucalyptus wood, Kompass, Meg, silver mouth trees, South American teak, Batai wood, red iron Wood, carbonized wood, all kinds of wood and so on.

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